Analysis of the Declaration

The purpose of this document is to accompany the release of the Declaration of Currency Independence in order to ensure the intentions and suggested actions are clear, whilst encompassing as wide of an audience as possible. This accompanying narrative will endeavour to refrain from conveying any form of bias or opinion, as its purpose is merely to clarify and inform.

History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes.

When in the Course of human events it becomes apparent that the bands of control and power stem from a universally common source, the necessity of separation from these powers become a matter of survival.

The declaration is highlighting that throughout historical events, control has been assumed by a small number of entities to oppress the masses. The argument is furthered by indicating that ‘separation’ from this oppression is the key to survival. The declaration appears to use the term ‘survival’ to cover two bases: survival of the oppressed topic (or idea) and survival of the collective masses.

For as long as the printing press has existed, the whole of civilization has quietly fallen under the influence of sovereign entities with the ability to control the value of expended work through the manipulation and control of currency. The 'sweat off the brow' ceased to be represented by any discernible value, but rather through an unseen, uncontrollable force of entities outside control of the masses exchanging their representative currencies.

Here, the declaration is drawing a connection between the concepts of how the value of ‘work’ is connected to ‘currency’. Essentially, the declaration is indicating that a person works to be paid the respective currency of their habitat or homeland; be it sterling, dollar, yen or otherwise. The declaration indicates that the mass media, or more specifically the printing press, is used as a tool by ‘sovereign entities’ (meaning organisations, groups or individuals with unbelievable amounts of power) who control how work is valued against the respective currency. As a result of the aforementioned, the masses who use/employ the use of their relevant, centrally controlled currencies, are essentially at the mercy of the value placed on work by the ‘sovereign entities’, since they have no option but to submit to the payment which has been deemed appropriate for their ‘work’.

The expenditure of energy by man, machine, and Nature is the sole source of Value. These sources and their result have been devalued through the intentional inflation of printed currencies. Money and currency as understood by the global population are no longer an expression of the collective output of exertion, but rather an arbitrary calculation of unaccountable individuals and organizations that hold them in their influence. Humanity has fallen under the domination of control through Fiat, but this domination has only increased the pressure of humanity seeking a viable escape.

The declaration is demonstrating that true value is the use of energy, irrespective of where that energy is sourced, and that the value of printed currency (dollar/yen/sterling and so on) is purposefully manipulated to be higher than the value of what that printed currency is worth, in order to control the ‘true’ value of energy spent. Furthermore, the declaration re-enforces that true value (energy spent) has been distorted by those who control printed currencies. The declaration argued that as a result of this, humanity (the masses) is either knowingly or unknowingly searching for an alternative measure of value transfer.

When entities acquire the power to artificially create Value with the stroke of a pen, bribery and collusion become a trivial matter for those with that power. Those with access to this power naturally develop a bubble of judicial protection, accelerating disparity of wealth. As a result, the Value of Work has been wholly degraded by arbitrary calculations of political expediency. The integrity of Value within all societies has been literally and figuratively forced to the brink of irreconcilability.

Here the declaration indicates that the aforementioned ‘sovereign entities’ are protected due to their position(s) of power and influence over those who represent the masses’ way of life. As such, deceptive and illegitimate actions become the norm for those who have total control. In other words, those who control money control the political narrative (or story) delivered to the masses (or average Joe Bloggs). Once again, the declaration indicates due to this complete control, what defines the idea of ‘value’, is at risk of ever being adjusted to meet the needs of the masses: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

This viable escape has come in the form of provable and irrefutable math through the expenditure of energy -- Bitcoin and its derivative cryptoassets.

At this stage the declaration highlights that we have now found a viable escape from this control of wealth, power and value: Bitcoin and other crytoassets.

Prior to the proliferation of cryptoassets, the option of the State abdicating control over the supply of currency was never a viable possibility due to threat of forgery, and the costs to secure the integrity of the currencies. The State, and only the State, could secure the integrity of a printed currency through the threat and employment of Force. The maintenance of this integrity is a noble cause and necessary to the stability of a state, because it ensured the exchange of value could be trusted. However, the maintenance of that integrity can, has, and is fundamentally manipulated.

The idea of Bitcoin and cryptoassets offering an alternative to the currently oppressed and manipulated system(s) in place, is reinforced by the argument that control over currency by the state (or respective elected governments as it were) was never previously possible due to issues with supplying printed currency and the risk of forgery. The argument alludes to the idea that there is not enough printed currency to supply the world the total value of the world’s supply of wealth, therefore forgery would be too easily implemented by the ‘sovereign entities’.(you may wish to provide a link here of some description as suggested further reading). The declaration indicates that the state (and respective governments) ensure(s) that forgery of currency does not take place holistically (totally) due to the threat of ‘Force’ (or punishment of those who break laws surrounding forgery of printed currency). The declaration indicates maintaining the integrity of currency (stopping forgery) is a noble cause; however it is those who oversee the control of this integrity who can themselves be manipulated.

Whilst the State still maintains a justifiable monopoly on the lawful application of violent force, its monopoly on the control of currency has been demonstrably displaced by the implementation of Bitcoin and its cryptoasset derivatives.

The declaration acknowledges that whilst the aforementioned efforts to maintain the integrity of printed currencies is noble, Bitcoin and other cryptoassets ensure there is no need for the threat (or action) of violent force to ensure this integrity.

Where value was once proven by the strength of the State "at the end of a barrel", humans have developed, demonstrated, and proliferated a technology capable of proving value through the expenditure of electricity via the irrevocable proof of math. Such a concept has never been accomplished prior to the initiation of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The declaration indicates that blockchain technology is based on unarguable (or 100% accurate) mathematics which cannot be manipulated. Furthermore, we have never seen such an alternative to the existing system(s) in place with controlled printed currency such as the likes of the blockchain.

As use of cryptocurrencies has spread and adoption rates have grown throughout the world over the past decade, the paradigm of 'value' has shifted in the minds of those who truly grasp the capabilities of this new technology of 'value transfer'. Whereas the Internet changed how humans viewed the transfer of information, cryptoassets are doing the same with the transfer of value.

The declaration hereby acknowledges that those who have connected the dots between fundamentally manipulated methods of value transfer have understood the significance of the dawn of the blockchain. This idea is likened to the internet which changed everything concerning how humans communicated the transfer of information. The blockchain is being declared as a parallel solution to how humans will transfer the value of currency.

We are not declaring Independence from State Controlled Currency -- We are declaring Controlled Currencies through fiat have been rendered Obsolete.

The declaration is indicating that the document is not primarily one which is trying to displace the current system(s) of printed currency under state (or government control); moreover it is highlighting that Bitcoin and other cryptoassets have ensured printed currency is no longer fit for purpose or necessary.

Our reasons for declaring obsolescence are plentiful. Many deaths and crimes of the previous Century can be traced to unaccountable entities with control of currencies who have gained control of the many levers of power in order to direct the course of Humanity.

The argument is supported with reasons such as deaths caused by foul play and other crimes which can be traced back to ‘entities’ (or organisations) with no face or name. These acts are argued to be responsible for controlling how humanity develops, progressed or regresses (dependant on your personal perspective) throughout time.

Those who create our currencies have conspired to assume Total Control of the global money supplies, while obfuscating through suppression of media and education the fact that they are capable of conspiracy.

The declaration highlights that social systems (education, the media and money) are fundamentally manipulated to ensure that any ideas of ongoing conspiracy (which may have otherwise surfaced), as outlined within the declaration, are suppressed.

They embody the systemic risk with the hypocrisy of providing loans to public banks that must provide transparent audits, while avoiding any such audits themselves.

The entities as previously described are outlined to be financing the banks through ‘loaning’ money. It is highlighted that the bank are audited (scrutinised to ensure integrity and honesty), whilst they avoid any auditing themselves. This is highlighted as hypocrisy.

Their behavior has consistently tipped the scales of potentially Open Markets in favor of providing newly printed currencies to those they trust, as opposed to those the Free Markets trust.

The declaration indicates those who provide the financing, choose to support organisations of which they will have control over, as opposed to financing honest, open and or transparent ‘Free Markets’ (a system based on supply and demand with no government control).

They have ingratiated themselves through the selective support of lawmakers and regulators whom enact policies that ensure their actions are exposed to minimal risk and maximal gains by diverting consequences on the populations which use their currencies.

The entities’ placement of their financing ensures they are well connected with ‘lawmakers’ (politicians or a constitution) to protect their wealth and control; whilst placing the financial risk(s) upon the masses who use the currencies of the organisations which they are financing.

They have degraded the public trust in elected representatives and the equal application of justice by collectively avoiding any accountability for creating systemic risks.

It is then highlighted, that as a result of the aforementioned, this has led to distrust amongst the masses towards ‘elected representatives’ (governments and politicians) whilst the entities themselves ensure their own protection from such animosity and negative publicity.

They have become Cause and Solution to financial crises, to which there is no means of recourse for the rest of Humanity, which bears this burden as a result of Their behaviors.

The declaration indicates the entities are positioning themselves as both the cause (reason) and solution to financial crises, yet it is the masses that are responsible for ensuring these manipulated systems do not collapse as they use the printed currencies which they inadvertently supply.

This Declaration of Currency Independence is a direct response to the continued manipulation and destruction that stems from the deliberate degradation of Value across the whole of humanity.

The declaration summarises that this document itself is a response to the continued manipulation and destruction of value across humanity.

We, the undersigned, will dedicate our lives building networks and systems that restore the Integrity of Value and directly challenge the authority of those who seek to destroy Value.