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A Message From The Authors

This Declaration is an intellectual and ideological call to arms. It was written with the recognition that the newer possibilities that made the Bitcoin blockchain so powerfully intriguing were being strategically obscured by the older systems. These old systems are maintained to keep the vast masses of humanity intellectually enslaved to measuring value according to rules they can not see, understand, or even acknowledge.

The purpose of this document is first and foremost for those who CAN see these methods of enslavement... those who DO understand the true power of total currency control... those who CLEARLY acknowledge that continuing this system is, by definition, an injustice.

There is a far more dangerous Enemy that has been subtly and overtly injecting their influence into this Battle over the future of how humanity views the value of their time and energy. The argument over “What is the best cryptocurrency?” has slowly but surely obscured the more important question: "What is the best currency?" The great hope for this Declaration is that all who read it recognize and remember that the true ideological Enemy of Currency Independence require domination over ALL currencies, fiat and crypto alike. Ignoring that reality will only slow adoption.

With this Declaration of Currency Independence, those who have awakened to the stark contrasts that exist between the Future Promise of this technology and the Current Control mechanisms in place will have a common language in which they can rally around. Use this Declaration as a rallying cry for those of us who see this battle unfolding. Use it as a tool for letting the world know how the game is played and how control over the measure of Value touches every part of life.

The time has come for Money to be separated from State, and for the first time, the tools are available.

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