Mis Sold Investments – The Great British Robbery

In Britain at present there is a culture of litigation, finally some justice is being delivered to the various victims of financial mis selling be it mis sold investments, PPI mis selling, mis sold pensions, mis sold mortgages, and all types of other types of unethically sold products which often results in significant financial losses, and significant suffering for the victim(s).

The many different forms of mis sold investment

Mis sold investments come in many different types, there are mis sold pensions (SIPP mis-selling) investments in self invested personal pensions, general investment mis selling (all types of financial investments), bond mis selling (which is the use of life insurance money to invest in a fund of stocks, shares and businesses), mis sold PEPs (personal equity plans), investments in trusts and shares at a limited rate each year, and all types of other mis sold investments.

What Can Be Done About This Investment Mis Selling Epidemic?

Fortunately the law has created a path for solicitors to litigate for the victims of all of these wrongfully sold products.

Generally these claims are carried out on a no win no fee basis and are investigated with no financial risk to the claimant, meaning if they lose the claim or if there is no valid claim to be pursued, there will be no financial risk to them. They only pay if they win the claim with companies’ like TheYEC.org however there are other companies that may offer similar terms of business..

Can I Make A Claim For A Miss Sold Investment?

This will be dependent on whether or not it is found upon investigation that you have been miss sold an opportunity for investment, usual telltale signs are things such as:

  1. Did the investment broker promise you a certain level of return on your investment and this didn’t take place as planned? This is a common occurrence when dealing with investment brokers – no one can guarantee you a certain level of investment in 99% of investment types outside of very stable funds.
  2. Were you mis sold an investment from an individual who was unregulated, most investment brokers are supposed to be regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), if an investment or an investment broker is unregulated this can often spell trouble, you should be very careful when choosing what you should and should not invest in.
  3. You were told you could not access your money and also your money was locked into a fund for the long term when it was (this may require expert investigation from a solicitor to determine).
  4. You were sold an investment in a property or a commodity that didn’t exist or that collapsed as a project, for example land that had not been purchased yet (this is fraudulent) or a building development project that fell through.
  5. You were made promises of dividends that would be paid and this promise was not delivered upon.

There are overall a plethora of ways in which investments are miss sold to the general public (unsuspecting victims and high net worth individuals) the good news is it is often possible to litigate the companies’ that committed the offense, and in many cases investments are protected by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme), meaning it can be possible to recover monies invested through that channel.

Why Should I Consider Using A Claims Company Instead Of Pursuing My Own Mis Sold Investment Claim?

This is mainly due to the levels of expertise expert solicitors have in matters of litigation, taking on companies’ who carry out these practices is not a simple task, many expert there to be contentious circumstances and to have to defend themselves legally.

Its possible you will need the legal ‘muscle’ and know how to bring these people to justice, and the solicitors at THEYEC.org know exactly how to do this and win.

It is always a good idea to explore your options before making a decision on who to use for your claim, however due to the level of expertise and work required to successfully claim, it may be advisable to see advice first.