Admissibility Of Professional Evidence Workshop

Extract of the presentation distributed by Judge Malcolm Simmons, Belgrade, Serbia in .

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The European Court of Human Rights has addressed on numerous occasions questions concerning the admissibility of expert evidence, its probative value as well as the extent to that they might trust it in its findings.

The Court provides kept that domestic rules over the admissibility of expert evidence must afford litigants the chance of challenging it effectively.

Where a specialist continues to be appointed by way of a court, the parties must in every instances have the ability to attend the interviews held simply by her or him or even to be shown the documents she or he has considered; what is important would be that the celebrations can participate properly within the proceedings.

Content 6 (1) from the Convention will not expressly require a specialist heard by way of a tribunal to fulfil exactly the same self-reliance and impartiality requirements because the tribunal itself.

However, insufficient neutrality for an expert, regarding his or her placement and role within the proceedings, may tip the total amount from the proceedings towards one party to the detriment of the various other, in violation from the equality of hands principle.

The parties will need to have a real possibility to challenge the data of a specialist called by way of a party or with the courtroom in circumstances where insufficient impartiality is actually an issue.

Cases to check out: Ivanovski v Macedonia [], Korosec v. Slovenia [], Letincic v Croatia [], J. M. among others v Austria [] and Devinar v Slovenia [].